AltRider Skid Plate for Honda NC700X

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AltRider Skid Plate for Honda NC700X


AltRider Skid Plate for Honda NC700X

The Honda NC700X is a solid do-all go-anywhere machine€”able to easily handle the city highway and trails. With all the various dangers out there the AltRider NC700X Skid Plate gives your bike a shield of protection allowing you to ride angst free in hoods woods or anywhere else this universal bike beckons.

Modern bike engines have phenomenal casting technology allowing them to perform as part of the motorcycle frame but this can create a real engineering challenge when it comes to designing and mounting a skid plate that can take a significant hit without affecting the engine. Our rugged design is laser-cut from a single piece of sturdy 1/8 in. (3.2 mm) anodized aluminum which cradles the engine and is completely frame mounted€“there are no engine mounts to transfer impact to the motor. The gusseted back portion of the skid plate picks up the rear frame mount which contains the center stand mount side-stand mount and the foot-peg mounts These are among the strongest mounting points on the bike. Large radius corners increase strength and improve cornering clearance as well as prevent the skid plate from getting caught on obstacles. The skid plate also extends back far enough to protect the rear suspension linkage. Countersunk aluminum finishing washers and strong flat head bolts give the plate a sleek look. Draining the motor oil is easy as the skid plate has a cutout lined up perfectly with the bike’s oil drain plug. The skid plate can be dropped to change the oil filter by removing seven easy-to-reach bolts the front four bolts are extremely easy to assembly as they do not require nuts was have affixed the tread into the bracket with PEM hardware for your convenience.

The AltRider NC700X Skid Plate is compatible with standard and DCT transmission and is available in anodized silver or black.

  • All AltRider motorcycle accessories are 100% designed and manufactured in the USA
  • Laser-cut from single piece of 3.2 mm aluminum
  • 3/16€ steel mounting brackets
  • Completely frame mounted
  • Protects rear suspension linkage
  • Compatible with standard and DCT transmission
  • Available in silver or black


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