AltRider DualControl – 9.6mm Spacer for the BMW F 800 GS

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AltRider DualControl – 9.6mm Spacer for the BMW F 800 GS


AltRider DualControl – 9.6mm Spacer for the BMW F 800 GS

Products on this page are spare parts and upgrades for your existing DualControl System.

For the AltRider DualControl System page click here.

The average person takes 0.5 to 1 full second to react to hazards. Traveling at 60 MPH a rider will travel 25 to 50 feet before being able to properly react. Most OEM brake pedals have a single-positioned small footprint yet most ADV riders substantially change foot positioning as they switch between standing and sitting. If your foot is not already situated correctly on the rear brake pedal you are now potentially doubling reaction time and distance to make what could be a critical stop. This is why you see all motorcycle racers with 1 or 2 fingers on the front brake lever in photographs. AltRider has taken away this additional hazard with the patent pending DualControl Brake System. There are two parts to the AltRider DualControl Brake System that enhance control and reaction time; a riser and an enlarger plate.

When in a seated position a rider’s bent knee naturally puts the angle of the foot pointed down 90 degrees from the lower leg while a standing position creates a straighter leg and raises the angle of your foot to a more horizontal position. Using the OEM brake pedal there is no way to keep the correct brake control position when both sitting and standing. With the AltRider enlarger and riser combined there are now two levels in which to engage the rear brake putting your foot in optimal position regardless of riding position. As every rider is different there are two riser heights available depending on your riding style. For those needing additional customization risers can also be swapped out.

The ever-changing terrain of off-road riding means your entire body is constantly moving and adjusting. The billet aluminum enlarger plate gives your foot a greater surface area to work with affording you more control of the rear brake. The enlarger plate is precision fit to each bike model ensuring long-term stability. Optional and replaceable grip pins are provided for further customization.

Both products are available separately or as a kit.

  • Stainless steel bottom plate and hardware to endure the abrasions of off-road riding
  • 100% designed and manufactured in the USA
  • 22 mm and 32 mm riser heights available
  • Pins provided with enlarger for enhanced grip extras included
  • Enlarger and Riser available in black or silver
  • Also compatible with the BMW F 700 GS
  • Fitment on Adventure model requires installation of standard brake pedal BMW part# 35_0347
  • Patent Pending


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